Our Model Home

Our Model Home

We specialise in and install a huge range of products, from full Sonos systems, to 4K TV's, the latest Apple devices, Automated lighting and so much more; so you’ll never hear us say ‘we can’t’, or ‘don’t know how', to do that. Below we’ve put together a Model Home, so you can get a flavour of exactly what’s possible, and how we can help change the way you live.

With both wired and wireless solutions, we can seamlessly fit a system into any home, and it's all controlled via your smart phone and tablet. Great technology shouldn't have to be mind boggling.

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The Living Room
Let’s start with the Living room: We’ve got discreet ceiling speakers hooked up to a Sonos amp, which allows you to choose from a seemingly endless selection of music from Spotify, Apple Music & iTunes, internet radio, your own personal collection and just about any other music streaming service you can think of.

With an iPad, tablet, or dedicated touch screen, set into the wall, you’re able to control the mood lighting – with various presets including ‘early morning’ and ‘movie mode’. Selecting movie mode also draws the curtains shut, and closes the door to give you that ultimate cinema feeling. We’ll even send a waiter round to bring popcorn to your seat (ok, we may have made that last bit up).

The Dining Room
The Dining Room is all about entertaining, and what better way to give your dinner party guests that extra special feeling than some tasteful background music and mood lighting. It’s all possible with our home automation systems.

And when dinner time is over, you can even pump up the volume and change the colour and brightness of the lights to match the music, for your very own private club.

The Kitchen
The Kitchen is the hub of any home, and so it’s important to have some tunes to go along with all that cooking. Discreet ceiling speakers are controlled via your smart phone, and pump out anything from your favourite Spotify track to that old CD you've loved for so many years.

Meanwhile, a stylish wall-mounted flat screen TV is showing the news in the background, all in beautiful 4K, pulling content from your Sky Q box in the loft.

The Bedroom
You spend hours everyday in the bedroom, so the right tech is arguably even more important here than anywhere else in the home. We’ve got our ceiling speakers again hooked up to the central audio system.

But we’ve also got auto dimming lights that slowly turn on in the morning to gently wake you up, and automatically tune in to your favourite radio DJ or acoustic playlist, to ensure you have a great start to the day.

How it all works
And here's how we connect everything together. With a seamless combination of wired and wireless connections, everything works completely smoothly, and means you can control your entire system wirelessly via your smart phone or tablet.
FREE Installation Survey
As part of our comprehensive service, we are pleased to offer all our prospective customers the benefit of our experience, expertise and knowledge. We provide all our customers with a FREE survey and full appraisal, with help and guidance for the design of a system which is tailored perfectly and best suited to your requirements and budget.
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